Use Case


Acculturation Cloud



28 hours

of training


on average



Training content.

Learning objectives

Inform and train Kering stakeholders on the challenges of Cloud Computing during Cloud Month Increase the skills of trainees on specific Cloud topics, through workshops

A fully personalized programme :

1 | IaaS PaaS SaaS & new way of working in the cloud

Introduction to Cloud Computing and the opportunities & challenges it brings to companies

2 | Event-driven architecture and bus management

Introduction to Cloud Computing and the opportunities and challenges it brings to businesses

3 | Agility & Devops

Introduction to Agility & Devops methodologies and the flexibility and spirit they bring to teams.

4 | Cloud Monitoring and Observability

Emphasise the importance of Cloud Monitoring & Observability to control costs and take immediate action in response to bug alerts.

5 | The future of retail

Overview of the luxury industry’s new challenges in e-commerce and e-retail

6 | Artificial Intelligence operations

Deep dive into artificial intelligence for cloud operations (prediction, auto-scaling, automation of processes and bug resolution through AI).

7 | Fully managed cloud application services

Focus on fully managed cloud applications and understand the opportunities and challenges they present to businesses.


Mastery of Agility & Devops methodologies

Better understanding of Cloud Monitoring and Observability issues to be more effective in dealing with bugs

Good integration of Artificial Intelligence challenges for cloud computing operations

Feedbacks :

“I really appreciated all the illustrations and examples provided by the trainer. He was very knowledgeable and experienced in the issues associated with a seamless omnichannel customer experience, which made the session lively and interesting.”

Aurélie, Customer Interactions IT domain lead