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Gwenn Charlot

Head of Growth Acquisition

Bettina Hermant

Machine Learning Engineer

Thibault Aliadière

Sales Director

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Generative AI and its business applications

Harness the power of generative AI and boost your productivity

This training course offers a complete pathway to understanding how generative AI is revolutionizing corporate functions (marketing, HR, business, product & tech, etc.), and to learning how to apply it concretely in your day-to-day work through tailor-made practical exercises.

Sustainability and web eco-design

Apprehend the principles and practices of sustainability and integrate them concretely into your daily life

This training course offers a complete pathway to learn how to build websites and applications that are part of a sustainable transition by identifying the right tools and adopting good web design practices to reduce the carbon impact of your company’s digital assets.

Cybersecurity in 2024

Identify the main cyber challenges ahead and how to prepare for them

This training course offers a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of cybersecurity, including offensive and defensive cybersecurity, and the latest trends. You’ll take part in live hacking demonstrations and targeted hands-on workshops, to prepare your business for the cyber challenges ahead.

📧 Searching for informations about ourtop trainings in 2024 ?

Built and enriched over the past 4 years, this list gathers all the skills to acquire to adapt one’s training plan this year, on all topics related to Tech, Data, IA, and innovation in the broadest sense.

Our top formations in Tech, Data & IA

Our very best trainers on these thematics, coming from our community of over +1000 experts

The detailed pedagogical program of each training, 100% adaptable during the design call.

Our Training Offers.

Always tailor-made by On train, face-to-face with our trainers, and supported by our unique blended learning platform.

The trainers that accompany you.

Working in the most innovative companies in the market, these leaders have faced the same challenges as you
and have written the most remarkable stories in recent years.

Fabien Cros

Data & AI expert

Thibault Aliadiere

Senior Sales & Satisfaction Director

Gwenn Charlot

Acquisition Director

Kim Tran

VP Marketing & Business Development

Our pedagogical approach.

Supported by a unique platform, we are reinventing
learning between professionals

100% tailor-made

Digital skills are inherently fluid, all our programmes are designed to exactly match the needs of organisations.


Expert trainers

Practice makes perfect, our trainers are pioneers in their field, working in the best tech companies and selected on demand.


Live courses

All our trainings are interactive, face-to-face or remote, driven by our application for a unique training experience and continuous learning.


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Jérémy Lacoste (Meilleurtaux), Léonore Dubayle (Branded), Gaetan Selmer (Payfit), Eliott Guérin (Skello)

Training TEAM (9 people) | 18 hours

“ These training sessions with On Train allowed our team to delve deeper into topics that had already been previously addressed but with less depth. The content of the sessions was tailored to our Travel Retail environment, and the trainers were all very competent and dynamic!”


Anne-Carole Coen, Chief MArketing Officer @Swile

Training DUO | 6 hours

“Exactly the expected training, which is to share real-life experiences, without a specific agenda, and to enrich the discussion as it unfolds. Anne-Carole was excellent because she was very transparent and spent her time illustrating with examples. It’s truly a great training format!”


Claire Morlon, Senior Digital Marketing Manager @Vinted

Training DUO | 6 hours

“ Another big thank you to Claire! Very good teaching, adapts to the individual in front of her, according to their level of understanding and needs. A very hands-on and practical format. A very good experience!

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