Product management & UX/UI.

Learn Product Management and master UX / UI Design through our trainings!
4 to 8 weeks of coaching with one of our 1000+ trainers, who are the best experts working in the most innovative companies!

A 100% personalized approach adapted to your needs to give you the means to achieve your goals.

Our Expertise.

Whether you are an operational or a manager, an entrepreneur or an executive, our trainers will be able to train you on all these topics:

Product management & UX/UI

1. Product strategy

Learn how to define a product vision, align the vision with the company’s business objectives, find its product/market fit and promote its product internally (product marketing).

Concerned professions : Head of Product, Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master…

2. Product frameworks & methodologies

Understand the roles of the Product Manager/Product Designer, know the different product organizations, learn how to conduct user interviews, identify needs, design solutions and animate a product roadmap thanks to different frameworks (Agile, Scrum, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, etc.).

Concerned professions : Head of Product, Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master…

3. Product design, user interface & digital branding

Learn how to design products that meet user needs, define a visual identity that corresponds to the company’s brand image and translate it into technical specifications to ensure proper integration on digital media.

Concerned professions : Directeur artistique, UI Designer, Brand Manager…

4. Online user path & user experience

Understand user interactions on the site, learn how to measure them and smooth the user journey using the latest UX analysis methods.

Concerned professions : UX Designer, Product Designer…

5. Product data & analytics

Collect data to improve the product and prioritize feature development through data-driven decisions.

Concerned professions : Product Designer, UX Designer, Product Data Analyst, Data Analyst…

Our trainers.

Our trainers represent the leading edge of expertise in Product Management & UX / UI Design. Train with them tomorrow!

Horia Merchi

Head of Product – Platform & Security

Thomas Gariel

Senior Product Manager

Tristan Charvillat

VP Product Design

Thibaut Dupré

Lead Designer

Choose the format that suits you:

Training Duo

An individual path between 4 and 6 weeks

Training Team

A collective path from 3 to 10 people

Training Talks

Inspiring and impactful conferences

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