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Our Expertise.

Whether you are an operational or a manager, an entrepreneur or an executive, our trainers will be able to train you on all these topics:

Modern soft skills

1. Management

Create, motivate and challenge your teams by adopting an appropriate management posture and defining clear action plans.

2. Feedbacks

Give constructive feedback to your team in a fair, clear and transparent way. Encourage feedback and benevolent exchanges within your team and your company.

3. High performance teams

Understand the 5 dysfunctions of a team and iterate to create a team that works, taking advantage of the strengths of each profile.

4. Productivity & organisation

Objectively evaluate your current productivity, optimize your time, capitalize on the best tools and methods.

5. Leadership

Communicate in an impactful way, share a vision and involve your collaborators in the change by helping them to progress.

6. Personal development & assertiveness

Learn to know oneself, communicate effectively, defend one's professional interests without harming those of one's collaborators and generate increased cohesion in teams.

7. Change management

Master the different stages of change management, removing barriers and gaining the support of your team and accompanying them throughout the change process. Follow up and adjust actions.

8. Intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship

Accompany entrepreneurs in the development of their project. Develop innovative projects internally and encourage employees in this process. Support budget, project and team management and taking initiatives.

Our trainers.

Our trainers represent the leading edge of expertise in Modern soft skills. Train with them tomorrow!

Anne-Carole Coen

Chief Marketing Officer

Tristan Vié

VP Sales

Francis Lelong

Serial Entrepeneur
@Alegria @Sarenza

Amine Slim

VP Sales
@AT Scale

Choose the format that suits you:

Training Duo

An individual path between 4 and 6 weeks

Training Team

A collective path from 3 to 10 people

Training Talks

Inspiring and impactful conferences