Training Talks.

Conferences led by the leaders of the digital & tech environment, to inspire your talents and transform your strategies.

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6 heures


per conference on average, on site or remotely


3, 5 ou 10

lectures per cycle of training



On train consultant dedicated to communication

3 à 10


participants, up to several hundred


1– Discover the profile of your of your trainer.

Selected for you, according to your stakes, your expectations and your sector, we propose you the most adapted trainer of our community, leader of its discipline on the market.

– Tailor-made programme design.

Benefit from an in-depth audit of your environment and your needs, in two key steps:
Sending a design questionnaire, created for you, to all participants
Interview with your On train consultant and trainer to define precisely the topics to be addressed

– Organisation and teasing of your trainings.

All the organisation and teasing around the conference, simplified and centralised. We do everything possible to maximise the participation rate: planning the sessions, sending invitations, distributing a communication kit, etc.

– Facilitation of your training, either face-to-face or remotely.

At home or remotely, the conference alternates theory and case studies in your environment. No lectures, for maximum impact! An On Train moderator will always be present to ensure optimal interactivity.

5 – Strengthening learning.

After each session and at the end of your training, continue learning on your space: recordings, resources, articles, summaries… Find everything you need!

Our Expertise.

We help you decipher the most sought-after disciplines in technology marketing and sales, with a strong hard skills dimension.

Our trainers.

Coming from the best tech groups, they are leaders in their disciplines and innovate on a daily basis.
We work with them to pass on the essence of their knowledge to you. Some of their profiles:

Francis Lelong

Serial Entrepreneur

Anne-Carole Coen

Chief Marketing Officer

Ethan Pierse


Kim Tran

VP Marketing & Business Development

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