Data & AI.

Learn about data & artificial intelligence through our trainings!
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Our Expertise.

Whether you are an operational or a manager, an entrepreneur or an executive, our trainers will be able to train you on all these topics:

Data & AI

1. Data strategy & data governance

Make data a real value creator for the company and an essential strategic axis.

Concerned professions : VP Data, Chief Data Officer, Data Manager…

2. Tracking & data collection

Learn how to define KPIs, collect data on the various sites and applications while respecting the regulations in force.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Web Developer…

3. Webanalytics & on site performance

Analyze the performance of your sites and mobile applications and understand the user experience to optimize the conversion rate.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Business Analyst…

4. Dashboarding & datavisualisation

Centralize important data and build impactful dashboards and reports to communicate messages to employees.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Business Analyst…

5. Data exploration

Learn how to explore data and make data-driven decisions using SQL and Python: data preparation, advanced analysis and implementation of machine learning algorithms (text mining, image analysis, scoring, clustering, etc.).

Concerned professions : Data Engineer, Data Architect…

6. Data engineering & data architecture

Build architectures / data pipelines (ETL) to feed data to the different Business Units of the company.

Concerned professions : Data Engineer, Data Architect…

7. Data science & machine learning

Implement machine learning models for analysis purposes or to meet operational needs in a production environment.

Concerned professions : Data Scientist, Data Analyst….

8. Generative AI & prompting

Exploit the potential of generative AI in your jobs (HR, project management, marketing, consulting, data, tech, etc.) and learn to write the best prompts.

Concerned professions : All populations

Our trainers.

Our trainers represent the leading edge of expertise in Data & AI. Train with them tomorrow!

Fabien Cros

Data & Measurement Lead

Aurore Kervella

Head of Data Science

Marius Fall

Data & Analytics Lead

Bettina Hermant

Machine Learning Engineer

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Training Duo

An individual path between 4 and 6 weeks

Training Team

A collective path from 3 to 10 people

Training Talks

Inspiring and impactful conferences

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