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Built and enriched over the past 4 years, this list gathers all the skills to acquire to adapt one’s training plan this year, on all topics related to Tech, Data, IA, and innovation in the broadest sense.

Our top formations in Tech, Data & IA

Our very best trainers on these thematics, coming from our community of over +1000 experts

The detailed pedagogical program of each training, 100% adaptable during the design call.

Our Expertise.

Whether you are an operational or a manager, an entrepreneur or an executive, our trainers will be able to train you on all these topics:

Data & AI

1. Data strategy & data governance

Make data a real value creator for the company and an essential strategic axis.

Concerned professions : VP Data, Chief Data Officer, Data Manager…

2. Tracking & data collection

Learn how to define KPIs, collect data on the various sites and applications while respecting the regulations in force.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Web Developer…

3. Webanalytics & on site performance

Analyze the performance of your sites and mobile applications and understand the user experience to optimize the conversion rate.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Business Analyst…

4. Dashboarding & datavisualisation

Centralize important data and build impactful dashboards and reports to communicate messages to employees.

Concerned professions : Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Business Analyst…

5. Data exploration

Learn how to explore data and make data-driven decisions using SQL and Python: data preparation, advanced analysis and implementation of machine learning algorithms (text mining, image analysis, scoring, clustering, etc.).

Concerned professions : Data Engineer, Data Architect…

6. Data engineering & data architecture

Build architectures / data pipelines (ETL) to feed data to the different Business Units of the company.

Concerned professions : Data Engineer, Data Architect…

7. Data science & machine learning

Implement machine learning models for analysis purposes or to meet operational needs in a production environment.

Concerned professions : Data Scientist, Data Analyst….

8. Generative AI & prompting

Exploit the potential of generative AI in your jobs (HR, project management, marketing, consulting, data, tech, etc.) and learn to write the best prompts.

Concerned professions : All populations

Our trainers.

Our trainers represent the leading edge of expertise in Data & AI. Train with them tomorrow!

Fabien Cros

Data & Measurement Lead

Aurore Kervella

Head of Data Science

Marius Fall

Data & Analytics Lead

Bettina Hermant

Machine Learning Engineer
Me former avec ces experts

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