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3 to 10

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📧 Searching for informations about ourtop trainings in 2024 ?

Built and enriched over the past 4 years, this list gathers all the skills to acquire to adapt one’s training plan this year, on all topics related to Tech, Data, IA, and innovation in the broadest sense.

Our top formations in Tech, Data & IA

Our very best trainers on these thematics, coming from our community of over +1000 experts

The detailed pedagogical program of each training, 100% adaptable during the design call.


1– Discover the profile of your of your trainer.

Selected for you, according to your stakes, your expectations and your sector, we propose you the most adapted trainer of our community, leader of its discipline on the market.

– Tailor-made programme design.

Benefit from an in-depth audit of your environment and your needs, in two key steps:
Sending a design questionnaire, created for you, to all participants
Interview with your On train consultant and trainer to define precisely the topics to be addressed

– Organisation of the training on your space.

All the organisation of your training is simplified and centralised: plan your sessions, answer the design questionnaire, access all your documents, chat with your trainer, all in one click directly on your On train space

– Running your training, either face-to-face or remotely.

At your place, at our place or remotely, your training alternates theory and case studies on your tools, methods and strategies. The small group allows direct interaction with the trainer. An On train consultant is always present!

5 – Strengthening learning.

After each session and at the end of your training, continue the learning on your space: recordings, resources, articles, synthesis, discussions with your trainer… Find everything you need!

Our Expertise

We help you decipher the most sought-after disciplines in technology marketing and sales, with a strong hard skills dimension.

Our trainers.

Coming from the best tech groups, they are leaders in their disciplines and innovate on a daily basis.
We work with them to pass on the essence of their knowledge to you. Some of their profiles:

Francis Lelong

Serial Entrepreneur

Anne-Carole Coen

Chief Marketing Officer

Ethan Pierse


Kim Tran

VP Marketing & Business Development

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Month of the Cloud 2021 with Kering tech teams

140 employees | 28 hours

“I really appreciated all the illustrations and examples provided by the trainer. He was very knowledgeable and experienced on the issues associated with a seamless omnichannel customer experience, which made the session lively and interesting.”

Digital Marketing Program with Altavia

60 employees | 120 hours

“Very good training format and well adapted programme to allow us to better understand the challenges of digital marketing and the main tools. Well done for the facilitation, not obvious from a distance but it worked great. Thank you!”

Advanced Google Analytics & e-commerce with Dior

20 employees | 14 hours

“A flawless organisation (remote), the luxury of having a “hyper contextualised” training on our site with expert resources familiar with our issues. It was great. Thank you very much.”