Use Case

20 minutes

SQL for Big Query



16 hours

of training


on average



Training content.

Learning objectives

Master the concepts, structures and architectures of databases
Learn the basics of the SQL language and how to perform queries to manipulate data
Discover how GCP and Big Query work
Gain sufficient proficiency to adapt SQL queries to Big Query and 20 Minutes’ reporting needs

A fully personalized programme :

1 | Introduction to database structures, presentation and practice of the SQL language

The web before databases
Principles, structures and tools of databases
What is SQL and what practical applications?
Formats and typical queries
My first SQL queries

2 | SQL applied to Big Query and reporting at 20 minutes

Introduction to Big Query
The fundamentals of Big Query SQL for Big Query Direct applications for reporting of 20 Minutes
Running queries to feed target reporting


Optimisation of data mining missions

Development of the staff member’s ability to make proposals on database topics and queries

Refined understanding of tech and digital issues to optimise the performance of 20 Minutes’ data teams

Feedbacks :

“Overall, the training was really good. My expectations were exceeded and I would like to thank my trainers for their knowledge and pedagogy”

Alice, Data Analyst