Use Case

Club Med

Social networks and customer relationship management



8 hours

of training


in progress



Training content.

Learning objectives

Understand the impact of social networks in customer relationship management
Use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to manage customer relations
Know how to respond to and handle customer requests on social networks
Analyse one’s performance

A fully personalized :

1 | Instagram

Introduce and get to grips with Instagram
Use private messages to manage follower requests
Know the different types of publication: advantages and disadvantages & good practices

2 | Twitter

Twitter: rules, post management, operation, composition of a tweet (format, symbols, hashtags, etc.)
Use direct messaging to handle requests
Strengthen your online relationship with customers
Concrete examples of good practice on Twitter

3 | Facebook

How to moderate your Facebook page and engage your community
Use instant messaging as a customer management tool: the importance of chatbots
Create content adapted to the challenges of customer relations

4 | Analysis

Establish a roadmap according to Club Med’s challenges
Know the right KPIs to analyse (reactivity, followers, satisfaction rate, recommendation…)
Analyse your statistics on Facebook and Twitter
Improve your performance on a continuous basis


In-depth knowledge of the different features and publication types of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Online best practices to improve customer relations

Ability to improve performance by mastering KPIs

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