Use Case


Data & Digital Marketing



14 hours

of training


on average



Training content.

Learning Objectives

Understand the options and logic of acquisition, targeting and media planning for marketers
Reinforce knowledge of data collection
Understand the challenges of performance analysis
Discover the basics of dashboarding

1 | Inbound & outbound marketing

Define the customer path
Getting listed: SEO and content marketing
Advertising: an overview of online advertising

2 | Performance analysis

Understanding the basics of data collection Learn how to use a web analytics tool
Analyse conversion: CRO process
Create a dashboard in Data Studio


Optimisation of the execution of marketing missions

Development of the strength of proposal of employees on digital and reporting subjects

Refined understanding of tech and digital issues to optimise the performance of the consulting teams

Feedbacks :

“Very good training format and well adapted programme to allow us to better understand the challenges of digital marketing and the main tools. Well done for the facilitation, not obvious from a distance but it worked really well. Thanks a lot!”

Solène, Digital Consultant @Mawenzi