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Moët Hennessy

Digital marketing, media buying & data performance



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Training content.

A fully personalized programme:

1 | Online media planning and buying

Online acquisition & main channels for the luxury / wine and spirits industry: adtech panorama, SEA, display ads, social ads & influence, marketplace ads
Online media buying: methodologies and tools for audience targeting and retargeting

2 | Content marketing and targeting

Content marketing strategies to enhance brand penetration in local markets: massive content creation, repurposing, AI and online design, online content marketing channels for the wine and spirits industry
Online brand coverage and global SEO strategies on company websites
New personas and digital marketing targeting

3 | Online media planning and buying

Campaign performance monitoring: advertising-centric KPIs for each acquisition channel, monitoring tools and methodologies in the market
Strategy and organisation of media buying in a multi-house group: agency management vs. internal strategies.

4 | Data collection, governance and privacy regulation

Types of data in the luxury world: online and offline data
Fundamentals of data collection in a world of stringent privacy regulations
Data governance strategy in a multi-house, multi-market business

5 | Definition of key performance indicators, monitoring and optimisation of performance

Definition of key performance indicators and monitoring of digital performance for the luxury, wine and spirits markets.
Marketing data: ad centric and site centric data, online user journey analysis.
Central tools for monitoring KPIs at group level


Mastery of media buying methodologies

Refined understanding of marketing strategies

Best practices in data collection and data marketing

Feedbacks :

“WOW!!! Excellent session! Thank you so much! I look forward to the next sessions!”

Julie, Consumer insight officer