Use Case


Corporate management



30 hours

of training


on average



Training content.

Learning objectives

Support MoovOne on the marketing strategy to be put in place to scale up
Implement an adapted international marketing strategy
Increase the skills of the product/solution marketing position

A fully personalized programme :

Session 1

From the marketing foundations to the scale of a company: organisation, strategic vision, method, best practices, learnings

Session 2

International strategy: which strategy for which country, how to test well and get the right learnings, how to establish a brand in a new country and make it a strong brand

Session 3

Product/solution marketing: job description, job objectives, support on this subject

Session 4

Branding and positioning revisited: how to communicate this new positioning externally and internally to align employees and the market with this new brand and value proposition


Support on the strategy and organisation to be put in place by department

Individual management coaching, adapted to each situation and each team

Learning about managing the scale of a business, including leadership and management

Feedbacks :

“Great experience, very rewarding and will concretely help me to take on new challenges.”

Leslie, Chief Marketing Officier