Use Case

Se Loger

SQL training & data mining



12 hours

of training


on average



Training content.

Learning objectives

Master the structure of a datalake to make data accessible for analysis
Manipulate databases using SQL and understand the logic of queries
Answer specific business questions and analyse a large volume of data
Visualise your data in an impactful way using a dashboarding tool

A fully personalized :

1 | Introduction to Data environment

Data Culture: Database and Tools
Data Architecture
Introduction to SQL

2 | The basics of SQL

SQL commands: Order by, Group by, With

3 | SQL to go further

SQL commands: Join, Unnest
Query GASessions for further analysis

4 | Case Study: Se Loger

Understanding Web Analytics Data
Lead Analysis


Good practice in SQL

Refined understanding of databases and data architecture 

In-depth analysis of incoming leads

Feedbacks :

“The training was very interesting. The trainers knew how to make the message clear. They also took the time to explain and answer our questions. The presentation material was clear and adapted to our use cases.” 

Jean-François Petit, Web Analyst