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"After 2 weeks you would only retain 20% of what you heard", continue learning with your lifetime access to your space.

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“ Very good training format and well adapted programme to allow us to better understand the challenges of digital marketing and the main tools. Well done for the facilitation, not easy to do from a distance but it worked really well. Thank you !”


Senior Consultant at Mawenzi Partners

“ A very rewarding course, where I was able to familiarise myself with the elements in order to address them with my clients or to be proactive. The video format suits me and the facilitators were able to adapt to it with agility.”


Client Manager at Altavia Paris

“A flawless organisation (remote), the luxury of having a "hyper contextualised" training on our site with expert resources familiar with our issues. It was great. Thank you very much.”


Client Manager at Altavia Paris