Product data
& analytics training
by On train.

Get trained in Product data & analytics through our training! 4 to 6 weeks of coaching with our trainers, the best experts still working in the best tech companies!

A 100% personalised approach to give you the means to achieve your ambitions.

4 to 7

weeks of courses including live sessions and e-learning


dedicated trainer and market leader in its field


platform for a 100% customised and digitalised organisation

Learn about product data analytics and develop your product with a data driven approach through this striking training:

Learn to:

  • Adopt a data-driven strategy to make your product evolve using data-driven decisions (prioritisation of features, roadmap, etc.)
  • Build a complete roadmap for implementing a product analytics approach: KPIs, choice of tools, implementation of tools, analyses, etc.
  • Define KPIs specific to your product scope and build a tracking plan to measure the effectiveness of your product features
  • Identify the best product analytics tools on the market: Content Square, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Implement the tracking pixels of the best data collection tools to collect data and analyse the performance of your product features
  • Perform advanced analysis on your tools in order to identify improvements to be implemented in the short or medium term
  • Implement a continuous improvement process using data and optimise your product over time

Master the challenges of product analytics with market leaders:

Below are some of our top product analytics trainers:

Emmanuelle Galou

Chief Marketing Officer

Robin Bonduelle

Co-founder & CEO

Timothee Trichet

Senior Product Manager

Clément Pinon

Lead Product Manager

Choose the format that suits you:

Training Duo

An individual course between 4 and 6 weeks

Training Team

A group course for 3 to 10 people

Training Talks

Inspiring and impactful conferences

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On train supports you in your financing efforts :

For professional : On train is Datadock & Qualiopi certified. Our team of experts can help you with the various financing procedures with the OPCO to which your company is attached

For individuals, freelancers or business creators: Our training courses are CPF certified. Today, there are solutions for funding whatever your status, and our team of experts is available to help you choose the right funding and accompany you through the administrative procedures