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Advanced Trackingby Clémence

Advanced Tracking
by Clémence | Growth Manager @La Fourche

Why set up a tracking system?
How to set up an ecommerce tracking system?

Task Automationby Benoît

Task Automation
by Benoît | CEO

What is task automation?
Which tasks should be automated?
How to automate your tasks?

Search Engine Optimizationby Gwenn

Search Engine Optimization
by Gwenn | Head of User Acquisition @Qonto

What is SEO?
What to choose between report and dashboard?
Which tools to optimise your SEO?

Front page podcasts.

Épisode 07 : Comprendre l'attribution Marketing
Episode 07 : Understanding Marketing attribution
Épisode 17 : Qu'est-ce qu'une data platforme ?
Episode 17 : What is a data platform?
Épisode 39 : les fondamentaux de l'appel de découverte
Episode 39 : the fundamentals of the discovery call

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